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  • Air wave pressure circulation therapeutic instrument
    Post time: 12-30-2022

    pressure Air pressure is an abbreviation, and its scientific name is the air wave pressure circulation therapeutic instrument. It is a common physiotherapy instrument in the rehabilitation medicine department. It forms a circulating pressure on the limbs and tis...Read more »

  • Medical ice blanket cooling instrument
    Post time: 12-26-2022

    Product action mechanism: The medical ice blanket cooling instrument (referred to as the ice blanket instrument for short) uses the characteristics of semiconductor refrigeration and heating to heat or cool the water in the water tank, and then circulates and ex...Read more »

  • Clinical indications and contraindications of mild hypothermia therapeutic apparatus indication
    Post time: 12-23-2022

    Brain protection ⑴ Severe craniocerebral injury. ⑵ Ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy. ⑶ Brain stem injury. ⑷ Cerebral ischemia. ⑸ Cerebral hemorrhage. (6) Subarachnoid hemorrhage. (7) After cardiopulmonary resuscitation. At present, mild hypothermia treatment has ...Read more »

  • Usage and precautions of ice blanket and ice cap
    Post time: 12-19-2022

    Ice blankets and ice caps are commonly used instruments and equipment in intensive care units to physically cool patients. Today, I will accompany you to learn how to use the ice blanket and ice cap. The use of ice blanket and ice cap is one of the common physic...Read more »

  • Air wave pressure therapy instrument —- necessary pressure therapy for rehabilitation
    Post time: 12-16-2022

    Therapeutic principle The physiological mechanical drainage effect produced by the orderly filling of the pressure pump device from the distal end to the proximal end accelerates the blood flow and promotes the return of venous blood and lymph. It is applicable ...Read more »

  • The best treatment for DVT
    Post time: 12-12-2022

    According to a large number of cases of sequelae of deep vein thrombosis of lower limbs in Shanghai Oriental Hospital, combined with the latest international research reports, the following recommended treatment scheme has the advantages of rapidly reducing edem...Read more »

  • Understanding deep vein thrombosis (DVT)
    Post time: 12-09-2022

    Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) refers to the abnormal coagulation of blood in deep veins, which belongs to the disease of venous reflux obstruction of lower limbs. Thrombosis mostly occurs in braking state (especially in orthopedic surgery). The pathogenic factors a...Read more »

  • Hot Compress
    Post time: 11-28-2022

    Hot compress can relax muscles, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation and accelerate the absorption of exudates. Therefore, it has anti-inflammatory, detumescence, pain relief and warmth retention effects. There are two kinds of hot compress, namely dr...Read more »

  • Cold compress
    Post time: 11-25-2022

    Cold compress can reduce local congestion or bleeding, and is suitable for patients after tonsillectomy and epistaxis. For the early stage of local soft tissue injury, it can prevent subcutaneous hemorrhage and swelling, reduce pain, stop the spread of inflammat...Read more »

  • After a fall, cold compress or hot compress?
    Post time: 11-21-2022

    Many people like to use hot towels to wet compress after trauma. In fact, this method is not conducive to the healing of trauma. It shall be cooled first and then heated, step by step. Cold compress can make local capillaries shrink, and has the effects of hemos...Read more »

  • Is the face swollen on the second day of tooth extraction cold or hot?
    Post time: 11-18-2022

    On the second day of tooth extraction, the swollen face is generally treated with cold compress. Face swelling caused by tooth extraction. After tooth extraction, pathogenic bacteria (such as Streptococcus, Actinobacillus, etc.) in the oral cavity infect periodo...Read more »

  • The eyes are swollen. Hot or cold?
    Post time: 11-14-2022

    If your eyes are swollen and crying, you'd better apply cold compress first, and then apply hot compress 10-20 minutes later. Generally, after the eyes cry and become swollen, the permeability of local blood vessels will gradually increase in the early 10 to 20 ...Read more »

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