Air wave pressure circulation therapeutic instrument


Air pressure is an abbreviation, and its scientific name is the air wave pressure circulation therapeutic instrument. It is a common physiotherapy instrument in the rehabilitation medicine department. It forms a circulating pressure on the limbs and tissues through the orderly filling and discharging of the multi chamber air bag, and evenly and orderly compresses the distal end of the limb to the proximal end of the limb.


1. Promote the flow of blood and lymph, improve microcirculation, help prevent the formation of hematoma, prevent limb edema, and prevent venous thrombosis.

2. It can relieve fatigue and pain, numbness of limbs, cold hands and feet and other symptoms of insufficient blood supply.

3. Accelerate the blood circulation system, accelerate the digestion and absorption of blood metabolic wastes, inflammatory factors and pain causing factors. It can avoid muscle atrophy, muscle fibrosis, increase the oxygen content of the body, and is conducive to the treatment of diseases caused by the obstruction of the blood circulation system (such as osteopenia, etc.).

4. A certain anti shock effect is mainly due to the fact that the patient's cardiac blood volume can be increased to a certain extent during the compression process, so as to prevent shock.

The figure of air pressure

The air pressure is widely used and suitable for various diseases.

Postoperative breast cancer

After breast surgery or radical mastectomy for breast cancer, if there is lymph node dissection, there is a certain probability that upper limb swelling will be caused or even irreversible due to the destruction of lymphatic channels. Upper limb air pressure can be used to prevent and improve swelling.

After orthopedic surgery

Air pressure is applied to patients after orthopedic surgery, mainly hip and knee surgery. Especially for some elderly patients, because the senile degenerative disease may itself have vascular sclerosis, the hip or knee surgery requires bed rest, and the blood flow after bed rest is slow, it is easy to cause deep vein thrombosis. The purpose of pneumatic therapy is to promote venous blood flow between muscles and prevent deep vein thrombosis by passively compressing soft tissues.

shoulder-hand syndrome

Because the common manifestations of shoulder hand syndrome include sudden swelling and pain of the shoulder and hand, the positive circulation and repeated pressure of air pressure can reduce local edema, promote the contraction of peripheral blood vessels, and restore the self-regulation function of the human body.

Long sleeper

Barometric therapy is also a massage method to a certain extent. Generally speaking, when patients who have been in bed for a long time cannot actively carry out rehabilitation training, they can use pneumatic massage to promote blood circulation, prevent the formation of venous thrombosis in the body, and reduce numbness and pain in the limbs.

The air pressure is widely used and can be seen everywhere, but as a physical therapy instrument, it also has contraindications!!!

It should not be used in patients with trauma, ulcerative dermatitis, severe cardiopulmonary insufficiency, pacemaker installation, uncontrolled severe infection of limbs, bleeding tendency and deep vein thrombosis of lower limbs

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