Cold compress

Cold compress can reduce local congestion or bleeding, and is suitable for patients after tonsillectomy and epistaxis. For the early stage of local soft tissue injury, it can prevent subcutaneous hemorrhage and swelling, reduce pain, stop the spread of inflammation, and reduce body temperature.

Ice pillow cold compress: When you have fever and headache, it is appropriate to use an ice pillow. However, it should be noted that the ice pillow should not touch the part below the shoulder, especially for the elderly and children. When using the ice pillow, it is better to pad a thick towel on the shoulder to keep warm. If the ice pillow is too cold and uncomfortable, it can be adjusted by padding a towel.

Cold compress with ice bag: take a round and narrow bag, put cold water and ice into it, and twist the middle of the bag to make a long and narrow ice bag, which is very effective for tonsillitis, otitis, toothache and sore throat. The twisted part is just attached to the lower palate, and then fixed with the help of a triangular belt. It is better to tie the knot of the triangular belt on the top of the head.

Ice bag (or ice cap) cold compress: when soft tissue damage occurs locally, self-made ice bag cold compress can be used to reduce swelling and relieve pain. The production method is as follows:

1. Articles: ice bags and covers, ice cubes and basins.

2. Operation method: first put ice cubes in a basin, flush the edges and corners of the ice with water, and put the ice into an ice bag about half full. After exhaust, tie and dry the ice bag mouth, hold it upside down and check if there is no water leakage, then put it into the sleeve and place it at the required position.

When applying cold compress, pay attention to the patient's reaction, and stop using if there is shivering and pallor. The cooling ice bag can be placed on the patient's forehead, head or neck, armpit, groin and other large blood vessels on the body surface. However, it should also be noted that it cannot be too cold, and can be adjusted by means of towel pad, bag, etc.


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