Usage and precautions of ice blanket and ice cap

Ice blankets and ice caps are commonly used instruments and equipment in intensive care units to physically cool patients. Today, I will accompany you to learn how to use the ice blanket and ice cap.

The use of ice blanket and ice cap is one of the common physical cooling methods in clinic. Physical cooling includes local cold therapy and whole body cold therapy.

Local cold therapy includes ice bag, ice blanket, ice cap, cold wet compress and chemical cooling bag. Systemic cold therapy includes warm water scrub, ethanol scrub, ice salt water enema, etc.

No matter what kind of physical cooling (cold therapy) is used, substances lower than human body temperature are used to act on the local and whole body of the body to achieve hemostasis, pain relief, anti-inflammatory and antipyretic treatment. Through timely and effective assessment of the patient's local or systemic symptoms, the correct application of cold and heat therapy can meet the physical and mental needs of the patient.


The ice blanket and ice cap use the semiconductor refrigeration principle to cool the distilled water in the water tank, circulate and exchange the water in the ice blanket and ice cap through the host, promote the conduction and heat dissipation of the skin in contact with the blanket surface, so as to achieve the purpose of cooling, reduce the energy consumption in the patient's body, protect the brain tissue, reduce the oxygen consumption of the brain, and ensure the function of important organs.

Mechanism of mild hypothermia in treating brain injury

1. Reduce brain tissue oxygen consumption and lactic acid accumulation.

2. Protect the blood brain barrier and reduce brain edema.

3. Inhibit the damage of endogenous toxic products to brain cells.

4. Reduce calcium influx and block the toxic effect of calcium on neurons.

5. Reduce the damage of brain cell structural protein and promote the repair of brain cell structure and function.

6. Reduce diffuse axonal injury.

Working principle of mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument

The mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument is composed of a host monitoring panel, a cooling system, a cooling blanket, a connecting pipe, a temperature monitoring probe, etc.

1. After the semiconductor in the machine is powered on, the water in the pool is cooled, and the cooling water is pumped into the blanket. Since the temperature of the blanket surface of the mild hypothermia therapy instrument is lower than the human body temperature, the human body heat is transferred to the cooling blanket.

2. When the ice water in the blanket is heated by the human body, it circulates to the pool of the sub low temperature treatment instrument. The semiconductor in the sub low temperature treatment instrument cools the water again and sends it to the blanket, so that the temperature of the human body decreases gradually.

3. If the human body temperature drops to the set temperature, the mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument will stop working. When the human body temperature rises again and exceeds the set temperature, the mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument will work again.

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