Air wave pressure therapy instrument —- necessary pressure therapy for rehabilitation

Therapeutic principle

The physiological mechanical drainage effect produced by the orderly filling of the pressure pump device from the distal end to the proximal end accelerates the blood flow and promotes the return of venous blood and lymph.

It is applicable to the auxiliary treatment of limb dysfunction and peripheral non embolic vasculitis caused by cerebrovascular accident, brain trauma, brain surgery, myelopathy, as well as the prevention of venous thrombosis and the reduction of limb edema.

Special design

The plantar air bag can act on the plantar venous plexus to promote venous blood return. Triangle design of the foot makes it more comfortable to prevent foot pinch.

Cascading air bag

The tile type air bag design can effectively eliminate the dead angle of pressure during treatment, avoid blood stagnation or backflow, ensure the one-way return of venous blood, and protect the venous valve.

The air bag is designed with circumferential pressure and acts on the limbs in all directions to prevent deep vein thrombosis behind the vein valve.

One machine for multiple purposes

In addition to preventing DVT, it can also be used to improve the sequela of nerve injury, reduce limb edema, promote blood circulation and lymphatic circulation, alleviate fatigue, and rehabilitate health care. It is a perfect embodiment of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Applicable departments

Rehabilitation Department, Orthopedics Department, Internal Medicine Department, Gynecology Department, Rheumatology Department, Cardiology Department, Neurology Department, Peripheral Neurovascular Department, Hematology Department, diabetes Department, ICU, Occupational Disease Prevention Hospital, Sports Bureau, families, teachers, and the elderly. Health care companies, rehabilitation homes, weight loss centers, nursing homes for the elderly, etc.

Company profile

The company has its own factory and design team, and has been engaged in the production and sales of medical products for a long time. We now have the following product lines.

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Chest pt vest

③Tactical pneumatic tourniquet

Cold therapy machine(cold therapy blanket、cold therapy vest、cold therapy pad ice blanket for waist、customized china portable cryotherapy machine)

⑤Others like TPU civil products(heart shaped inflatable poolanti pressure sore mattressice therapy machine for legs ect)

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