The eyes are swollen. Hot or cold?

If your eyes are swollen and crying, you'd better apply cold compress first, and then apply hot compress 10-20 minutes later.

Generally, after the eyes cry and become swollen, the permeability of local blood vessels will gradually increase in the early 10 to 20 minutes. Through the expanded aperture, the exudate will gradually increase. As a result, the tissue swelling will be accelerated and the patient will feel swollen and uncomfortable. At this time, cold compress can effectively reduce the permeability of blood vessels and slow down the exudation through the principle of hot expansion and cold contraction. The time is 10-20 minutes.

When the exudation of the swollen eye skin reaches the balance, it takes about 20 minutes. At this time, the swelling may compress the blood vessels of the surrounding tissues, leading to ischemia, hypoxia and even necrosis of the surrounding tissues, increasing the risk of infection. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the blood vessels properly with hot compress to ensure that the oxygen in the local tissues is taken away with the waste of tissue necrosis, which is conducive to the recovery of eye swelling under the mechanism of reducing exudation and increasing metabolism.

After that, alternating can reduce swelling and relieve discomfort caused by different temperatures.

How long is cold compress suitable for wrist injury?

The cold compress treatment for wrist injury needs to last about half an hour, and it needs to stop for a while.

Wrist injury belongs to acute injury. The main changes in the early stage of acute injury are small blood vessel rupture, increased permeability, and increased tissue bleeding and exudation. Too much exuded blood and tissue fluid can not be discharged due to the skin wrapping, which will gradually form swelling, causing pain and swelling feelings. Therefore, cold compress is needed to contract blood vessels at this time to reduce the permeability of blood vessels and the exudation of tissue fluid.

However, a long time of cold compress will cause tissue hypoxia, ischemia or even necrosis, which is also not conducive to the absorption and transportation of metabolic waste. In the case of wrist and other soft tissue injuries, this time is about half an hour. After that, cold compress will not help the patient, and even aggravate the damage to the wrist.

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