Hot Compress

Hot compress can relax muscles, dilate blood vessels, promote blood circulation and accelerate the absorption of exudates. Therefore, it has anti-inflammatory, detumescence, pain relief and warmth retention effects. There are two kinds of hot compress, namely dry hot compress and wet hot compress. Pay attention to prevent scalding during use.

Dry hot compress: This method is relatively convenient. Use a hot water bag or other substitutes, with hot water inside (at a temperature of 60~80 ℃) and a towel outside to wrap it at the position required by the patient.

Wet hot compress: It has strong penetration and good anti-inflammatory effect. Before application, apply Vaseline or edible oil on the local skin, cover it with a layer of gauze, put a small towel in hot water, wet it and screw it to the affected area until no water drips, cover it with a layer of plastic cloth, and then cover it with a towel to maintain the heat. The temperature of the cloth is based on the principle that the patient will not feel hot. Replace it every 3 to 5 minutes, and apply it continuously for 20 to 30 minutes.

This method is applicable to the initial boils, wheats, myositis, arthritis, low back pain, etc. However, hot compress should not be used before the diagnosis of acute abdomen is made, when the infection in the dangerous triangle area of the face becomes suppurative, when internal bleeding occurs in various organs, and when soft tissue contusion occurs in the early stage.

Company profile

The company has its own factory and design team, and has been engaged in the production and sales of medical products for a long time. We now have the following product lines.

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Chest physical therapy vest

③Tactical pneumatic tourniquet

Cold therapy machine(cold therapy blanket、cold therapy vest、ice pack leg sleeve、warm pack for painetc)

⑤Others like TPU civil products(heart shaped inflatable poolanti pressure sore mattressice therapy machine for legs ect)

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