Is the face swollen on the second day of tooth extraction cold or hot?

On the second day of tooth extraction, the swollen face is generally treated with cold compress.

Face swelling caused by tooth extraction. After tooth extraction, pathogenic bacteria (such as Streptococcus, Actinobacillus, etc.) in the oral cavity infect periodontal tissue, causing acute suppurative inflammation. Its essence is still the acute swelling after local soft tissue injury. The main changes in the early stage of acute injury are small blood vessel rupture, increased permeability, increased blood and fluid oozing from tissues. Excessive oozing blood and tissue fluid will gradually form swelling because the skin can not be discharged, A feeling of pain and swelling.

Therefore, cold compress is needed to contract blood vessels at this time to reduce vascular permeability and tissue fluid leakage. The treatment time is 24-48 hours, and the best choice is cold compress.

On the second day of tooth extraction, it was still in the 24-48 hour cold compress treatment window, and the cold compress effect was good.

What is the difference between cold eye and hot eye?

Cold compress eyes and hot compress eyes need to be determined according to the specific situation.

Eye hot compress is generally used in the following situations:

1. If you want to promote suppuration in the case of wheat swelling (wheat swelling is a purulent disease of the eyelid gland, which can relieve pain and swelling and is conducive to healing), you can use hot compress.

2. In order to relieve the symptoms of dry eyes, hot compress can also be used to promote the secretion of meibomian gland. 3. When uveitis or iridocyclitis occurs in the eyes, hot compress can promote the recovery of inflammation.

Cold compress is generally used for eyes with acute ocular trauma (within 24-72 hours). Cold compress can be used to reduce swelling and stop bleeding in the early stage of trauma. After 2-3 days, hot compress is required for absorption of congestion and healing of tissues.

Proper cold compress or hot compress can also improve the discomfort of myopia patients. For example, visual fatigue, associated eye infection, etc.

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