After a fall, cold compress or hot compress?

Many people like to use hot towels to wet compress after trauma. In fact, this method is not conducive to the healing of trauma. It shall be cooled first and then heated, step by step.

Cold compress can make local capillaries shrink, and has the effects of hemostasis, antipyretic and pain relieving. Cold compress should be carried out as early as possible after trauma. The method is to take a towel soaked in cold water and put it on the injured area, and replace it once every 3 minutes. Ice cubes and ice water can also be put into hot water bags or plastic bags for direct external application for 20-30 minutes each time. For those injured on hands and ankles, soak the affected part in cold water directly or rinse it with tap water.

After 24 hours of injury, local redness, swelling, heat and pain disappear, and hot compress can only be applied when bleeding stops. The method is to soak the towel with hot water and put it on the affected area. If there is no heat, replace it in time, 30 minutes each time, 1-2 times a day. Hot packs such as hot water bags and fried salt can also be used.

Hot compress can dilate local capillaries, promote lymph and blood circulation between tissues, accelerate metabolism, reduce swelling, relieve muscle spasm, facilitate the absorption of congestion and exudate, promote the regeneration and repair of injured tissues, reduce adhesion, and accelerate healing. However, care should be taken not to scald the skin during hot compress, especially for those who are unconscious, paralyzed, insensitive and children.

It can be seen from this that cold compress and hot compress after trauma should pay attention to the order, so as not to aggravate the disease.

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