• Pay attention to the stage of thrombus elimination
    Post time: Sep-30-2022

    Surgical thrombectomy is a method that can quickly remove thrombus in a short time. After the thrombus is cleared, the blocked vein will return to patency, and a better long-term prognosis can be achieved by completely clearing the thrombus through surgery. Beca...Read more »

  • Prevention of thrombus spreading stage
    Post time: Sep-26-2022

    There is no doubt that the development of anticoagulants has directly promoted the treatment of DVT. Anticoagulant therapy can prevent the occurrence of thrombus, inhibit the spread of thrombus, facilitate the autolysis of thrombus and recanalization of lumen, a...Read more »

  • Pay attention to the stage of symptom treatment
    Post time: Sep-23-2022

    The early treatment of DVT mainly focuses on the elimination of symptoms in the limbs, and the methods are complicated, mainly including bed rest and treatment with traditional Chinese and Western medicine, to reduce the swelling of the limbs and reduce the risk...Read more »

  • Changes in the concept of acute DVT treatment
    Post time: Sep-19-2022

    Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) of the lower limbs is a common disease caused by blood clotting in the deep veins of the lower limbs and blocking the lumen, resulting in a series of clinical symptoms. DVT is the third largest vascular disease after cerebrovascular ...Read more »

  • Application and precautions of air pressure wave therapeutic instrument(3)
    Post time: Sep-16-2022

      Main functions 1. Edema of upper and lower limbs: primary and secondary lymphedema of upper and lower limbs, chronic venous edema, lipoedema, mixed edema, etc. Especially for the upper limb lymphedema after breast surgery, the effect is remarkable. The treatme...Read more »

  • Application and precautions of air pressure wave therapeutic instrument(2)
    Post time: Sep-12-2022

    Applicable Department: Rehabilitation department, orthopedics department, internal medicine department, gynecology department, rheumatology department, cardiology department, neurology department, peripheral neurovascular department, hematology department, diabe...Read more »

  • Application and precautions of air pressure wave therapeutic instrument(1)
    Post time: Sep-09-2022

    Air pressure wave therapeutic apparatus The air wave pressure therapeutic instrument is mainly applied to vascular diseases, which can generate a certain pressure, and this pressure is segmented, which promotes the flow of blood in this way. This kind of instrum...Read more »

  • A favorable weapon for preventing deep venous thrombosis(3)
    Post time: Sep-05-2022

    National policy support After the outbreak of COVID-19, the air pressure wave therapeutic apparatus was selected into the catalogue of medical equipment urgently needed for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 epidemic prepared by the China Medical Equipment...Read more »

  • A favorable weapon for preventing deep venous thrombosis(2)
    Post time: Sep-02-2022

    The market demand of air pressure wave therapeutic apparatus is huge In 2019, China's population over 60 years old reached 254 million, accounting for 18.1% of the total population. Old people have a great demand for medical care. The concepts of "intelligent re...Read more »

  • A favorable weapon for preventing deep venous thrombosis(1)
    Post time: Aug-29-2022

    Deep venous thrombosis and pulmonary embolism Deep venous thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary embolism (PE) have become important medical and health problems in the world. DVT and PE are essentially the manifestations of a disease process in different parts and stage...Read more »

  • Beware of “silent killer” — pulmonary embolism(PE)
    Post time: Aug-26-2022

    With the development of medicine and people's attention to health, many diseases can be effectively controlled and even cured. However, there are also cases where some patients who seem to be in stable condition or who have no obvious disease inducement die sudd...Read more »

  • Prevention and nursing of DVT(3)
    Post time: Aug-22-2022

    nursing 2. Dietary guidance Instruct the patient to eat a diet rich in crude fiber, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink more water, keep the stool unobstructed, and avoid using laxatives. Reduce the patient's forced defecation, resulting in headache and increa...Read more »

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