Vest Airway Clearance System for Chest Physiotherapy

Vest Airway Clearance System for Chest Physiotherapy
  • Vest Airway Clearance System for Chest Physiotherapy
  • Vest Airway Clearance System for Chest Physiotherapy
  • Vest Airway Clearance System for Chest Physiotherapy

Short Description:

The inflatable vest used for the airway clearance system is usually integrated with the vest jacket and the inner bladder. It is very inconvenient to clean the jacket and cannot be cleaned in a washing machine, and it is easy to cause damage to the inner bladder. In order to avoid the negative effects of excessively expanding the inflation area, the detachable half-chest inflatable vest is more practical and convenient.


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The airbag part of the traditional expectoration vest has exceeded the effective part of the lungs and reached the lower abdomen. When inflated for expectoration, the abdomen will be oppressed, which will make the patient feel uncomfortable. In severe cases, nausea, vomiting, dizziness and other uncomfortable symptoms may occur.

Product Desplay

Product performance

This product includes: Half chest vest jacket
Mezzanine closure device
Tank top set inside a half chest tank top

—The lower end of the half chest vest jacket is provided with an opening
—The vest liner is arranged on both sides of the connecting opening of the inner interlayer closure device of the half chest vest jacket through the opening
—The inner tank of the vest is provided with an inlet and outlet trachea
—The orifice module matching the inlet and outlet trachea is set on the jacket of the half chest vest
—Intake pipes go out from the corresponding orifice modules
—Both sides of the bottom edge of the vest liner are inclined upwards

Product advantages

The vest liner of this product only wraps the chest, which will not cause pressure on the patient's abdomen during use. It overcomes the shortcomings of traditional inflatable vests that cannot be disassembled and difficult to clean. It can be easily loaded and unloaded, and it is more portable and comfortable to use. ,Safe and reliable.

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