Pneumatic Tourniquet Used for Dressing A Wound

Pneumatic Tourniquet Used for Dressing A Wound
  • Pneumatic Tourniquet Used for Dressing A Wound
  • Pneumatic Tourniquet Used for Dressing A Wound
  • Pneumatic Tourniquet Used for Dressing A Wound
  • Pneumatic Tourniquet Used for Dressing A Wound

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Pneumatic tourniquet is used in limb surgery to temporarily block the blood supply to the limb, providing a bloodless surgical field for surgery while reducing blood loss. There are manual inflatable tourniquets and electro-pneumatic tourniquets.


Good air tightness
Easy to use
Small size and light weight
Easy to carry and safe to use
Can be customized according to your requirements

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Pneumatic tourniquet is widely used in surgery, which can prevent wound bleeding to the maximum extent, reduce intraoperative blood loss, make the surgical field clear, facilitate accurate dissection and avoid damage to important microstructures.
Inflate the tourniquet to compress the limb to block blood flow and achieve hemostasis




Dimension size/WxH













Various sizes to choose from
Customized on request.
Accept OEM&ODM

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Product performance

Simple operation: One-handed operation can quickly control limb bleeding. Use even if you are accidentally injured while traveling, unaccompanied
Quality Assurance: Made of high-quality materials and advanced stitching technology, can be used in any weather, easy to clean and reusable
Easy to carry: small size, light weight, can be placed in family emergency bags, travel bags, etc. Take it with you for immediate use
Customizable: can be customized according to requirements


1.Check the performance of the tourniquet before use and check for air leakage.
2. Choose the appropriate width and length of the cuff according to the patient's gender, age, physical condition and surgical site.
3. If there is an alarm during the inflation of the tourniquet, the cause should be found out immediately and dealt with in time.
4. The tourniquet should be sterilized at high temperature, and it is strictly forbidden to wash the tourniquet with hot water, otherwise it will speed up the aging speed of rubber items.
5. After using the tourniquet for a period of time, it needs to be replaced in time, and a special person should be arranged to repair the pressure gauge regularly to ensure that the tourniquet can be used normally.
6.The tourniquet assembly should be placed in a dust-free clean area of the operating room, and the temperature and humidity should meet the relevant requirements for product storage.

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