Chest Belt for Airway Clearance System

Chest Belt for Airway Clearance System
  • Chest Belt for Airway Clearance System

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In order to avoid the discomfort caused by the use of the traditional phlegm inflatable vest, the detachable vest is more convenient and practical, and with the detachable inflatable chest strap, it is more comfortable, safe and reliable to use.


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The inflatable chest strap for the airway clearance system includes the following devices:
·Chest strap body:
—Bra jacket and bra lining:
The chest band lining is provided with a capsule folding line, which separates the chest band airbag and presents multiple areas. The chest belt jacket and the chest belt lining form a closed space. The closed space is provided with a chest belt airbag, on which an inlet and outlet air pipe is arranged. The chest belt jacket is provided with an orifice matching with the inlet and outlet air pipe, and the inlet and outlet air pipe can pass through the corresponding orifice
—Inlet and outlet pipe fixing device:
It includes a plastic ring and an inlet and outlet pipe sleeve, and the plastic ring is connected to the outside of the orifice. The air inlet and outlet pipes pass through the corresponding orifices and plastic rings in turn

·Chest strap jacket attachment:
Removable, simple, fast and convenient to wear

In the traditional inflatable vest used for the airway elimination system, the vest jacket and the inner bladder are integrated. The jacket is very inconvenient to clean and cannot be washed in a washing machine, and the inner bladder is easily damaged. The traditional expectoration vest will cause pressure on the abdomen when used, and the patient may feel uncomfortable, and in severe cases, vomiting, dizziness, nausea, and other discomforts may occur.

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