Air Compression Garment Custom for Waist

Air Compression Garment Custom for Waist
  • Air Compression Garment Custom for Waist
  • Air Compression Garment Custom for Waist
  • Air Compression Garment Custom for Waist
  • Air Compression Garment Custom for Waist

Short Description:

Air compression garment custom for waist is mainly used in case of poor venous return, such as varicose veins and venous ulcers, this air wave pressure therapeutic device is equivalent to a venous return pump. With gradient pressure, the pressure at the far end is high and the pressure at the near end is low, which will squeeze lymphedema and some painful and uncomfortable metabolic substances into the main circulation.


TPU environmentally friendly antibacterial material
High-strength wear-resistant nylon cloth
Ergonomic Design
Velcro, elastic band
Guaranteed maximum comfort
Can be customized according to your requirements
Accept OEM&ODM 

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Before treatment, check whether the equipment is in good condition and whether the patient has bleeding. Check the affected limb before each treatment. If there are ulcers or pressure ulcers that have not scabbed, they should be isolated and protected before treatment. If there are bleeding wounds, treatment should be postponed. The treatment should be carried out when the patient is awake, and the patient should have no sensory disturbance. During the treatment, the skin color of the affected limb should be observed, the patient's feeling should be inquired, and the treatment dose should be adjusted according to the situation.

Product Desplay

Product performance

1. It is safe, green and non-invasive, which conforms to the development direction of modern medicine.

2.Better treatment effect.

3.The operation of treatment equipment is becoming more and more simple, which can be used for both medical and household use, and the effect is guaranteed.

4.Postoperative rehabilitation, varicose veins, sedentary standing for a long time, daily fatigue, can be used after exercise.

The company has its own factory and design team, and has been engaged in the production and sales of medical products for a long time. We now have the following product lines.

Medical air pressure massager (lymphedema garments for legs、compression sleeves for lymphedema、air compression therapy system etc)and DVT series.

Chest physical therapy vest

③Tactical pneumatic tourniquet 

Cold therapy machine(cold therapy blanket、cold therapy vest、ice pack leg sleeve、warm pack for painetc)

⑤Others like TPU civil productsheart shaped inflatable poolanti pressure sore mattressice therapy machine for legs ect

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