Air and Water Therapy Pad Custom for Ankle

Air and Water Therapy Pad Custom for Ankle
  • Air and Water Therapy Pad Custom for Ankle
  • Air and Water Therapy Pad Custom for Ankle
  • Air and Water Therapy Pad Custom for Ankle
  • Air and Water Therapy Pad Custom for Ankle

Short Description:

Cold Therapy Pad Ankle used as part of a physical therapy or athletic training regimen or for post-op application. Potential Indications: plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, sprains, fractures, sesamoiditis,, lateral ankle injuries, reptured Achilles tendon and tendon surgeries. The cold and compression therapy provides pain relief and minimizes ankle joint and tissue swelling.


Environmentally friendly antibacterial material

Ergonomic design

Velcro, Elastic band

Guaranteed maximum comfort

Can be customized according to your requirements

Accept OEM&ODM


Product Detail

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Product Details

Ankle Ice Pack not only acts as a superior cold therapy wrap, but also comes with a ball pump for inflating to apply targeted pressure to the foot. Experience quicker relief by effortlessly combining compression and cold therapy.Cold Therapy Pad is effective at managing sprains, breaks, arthritis, swelling, plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendon injuries, ligament pulls, sore feet and more. This product effectively relieve pain and swelling and promote rapid recovery.


Product Desplay

Product performance

1.Safe, green, non-invasive, in the line with the development direction of modern medicine.

2.With independent factories, professional design teams, advanced techonology and technique products are guaranteed, can complete orders on time.

3.Easy to operate, the size can be adjusted freely. It can be used standing, sitting or lying down, which is convenient for all-round movement.

4.Can process such products according to your requirements, accept OEM and ODM.

The company has its own factory and design team, and has been engaged in the production and sales of medical products for a long time. We now have the following product lines.

Air compression massage device (active leg massager、air compression suit、pneumatic compression therapy system etc)and DVT series.

②Cystic fibrosis percussion vest

Tourniquet in medical

④Hot and cold therapy Pads(cold therapy unit knee、foot ice pack wrap、hot pack for back、ice sleeve for elbow etc)

⑤Others like TPU civil products(mini inflatable poolanti-bedsore inflatable mattresscold therapy knee machine ect)

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