Working principle of mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument

The mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument is composed of a host monitoring panel, a cooling system, a cooling blanket, a connecting pipe, a temperature monitoring probe, etc.

1. After the semiconductor in the machine is powered on, the water in the pool is cooled, and the cooling water is pumped into the blanket. Since the temperature of the blanket surface of the mild hypothermia therapy instrument is lower than the human body temperature, the human body heat is transferred to the cooling blanket.

2. When the ice water in the blanket is heated by the human body, it circulates to the pool of the sub low temperature treatment instrument. The semiconductor in the sub low temperature treatment instrument cools the water again and sends it to the blanket, so that the temperature of the human body decreases gradually.

3. If the human body temperature drops to the set temperature, the mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument will stop working. When the human body temperature rises again and exceeds the set temperature, the mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument will work again.

Clinical indications and contraindications of mild hypothermia therapeutic apparatus


1.Brain protection

⑴ Severe craniocerebral injury. ⑵ Ischemic hypoxic encephalopathy. ⑶ Brain stem injury. ⑷ Cerebral ischemia. ⑸ Cerebral hemorrhage. (6) Subarachnoid hemorrhage. (7) After cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

At present, mild hypothermia treatment has been listed as a routine treatment for patients with severe brain injury, especially for patients with extensive brain contusion and laceration combined with intracerebral hypertension that is difficult to control, hypothalamic injury combined with central hyperthermia, brain stem injury combined with decancephalic ankylosis.

2.Physical therapy for patients with high fever

⑴ Central high fever that is difficult to control. ⑵ Severe heat stroke. ⑶ Hyperthermic convulsion.

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