SPORT READY integrates low-temperature body function recovery technology, fascia chain relaxation technology, pressure cycle relaxation lactic acid elimination technology and the core part of the PRICE principle. Through the scientific coordination of active air pressurization and low-temperature cold cycle, it helps athletes repair injuries, alleviate fatigue, recover quickly and prevent diseases after training and competition, so as to improve training tolerance, so as to maximize the fruits of large-scale exercise training, improve sports performance.

SPORT READY helps the body produce rapid and positive changes and achieve rapid and efficient exercise recovery by scientifically controlling the time, temperature, pressure, interval, cycle, use time, use position, use mode and other means of active air pressurization and low-temperature cold circulation.

For professional athletes and sports enthusiasts: SPORT READY provides a condition for sports recovery anytime, anywhere. No matter in the field, sports spots or at home, as long as you want to carry out sports recovery, you can carry out it quickly. It is fashionable, portable and easy to operate. You can choose a professional recovery scheme online, which brings the most convenient and professional sports recovery effect to users.

For sports team doctors, restorers or physical coaches, sport ready can help them better serve athletes. The use of equipment can only fully solve the two most difficult aspects of the price scheme, so as to help athletes relax and recover quickly, reduce the possibility of sports injuries, and carry out emergency treatment of acute injuries. It can be used by many people and parts at the same time, serving more people at the same time, reducing labor intensity and greatly improving work efficiency.

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Our company is engaged in the field of medical technology development, technical consulting, medical care airbag and other medical care rehabilitationi products as one of the comprehensive enterprises.

Air Compression Circulation and DVT series.

Airway Clearance System

portable blood pressure cuff

④Hot and ice massage therapy pad

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