Vest type sputum discharge machine – easy sputum discharge

Respiratory diseases such as bronchitis and pneumonia are common diseases in the respiratory and digestive department. Most patients "have sputum and cannot cough up by themselves", which often makes patients feel uncomfortable and their families feel distressed. Therefore, in order to effectively remove respiratory secretions and provide safe and comfortable expectoration treatment for patients in a more scientific, systematic and standardized way, Youwen Medical has a new vest type expectoration machine to solve this series of problems.

Vest type sputum extractor (airway clearing system) adopts the "high-frequency chest wall concussion" (HFCWO) technology, sends pulse signals through the host computer, simulates the principle of normal physiological cough, connects the special inflatable vest worn by the patient to the high-speed pulse pump with an air guide hose, and rapidly inflates and deflates, so that the patient's chest wall has regular diastolic movement, and the patient's airway and lung have independent pulsating airflow and directional force, Promote the relaxation, liquefaction and shedding of respiratory mucus and deep metabolites of each lung lobe; Under the action of directional force, the liquefied and exfoliated metabolites are discharged from the body in the selected direction (such as bronchiole → bronchus → trachea).

Application of vest type sputum extractor:

1. The sputum in the airway is too much, too viscous, and the cough is weak;

2. Those who need mechanical ventilation to establish artificial airway;

3. Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, atelectasis and abdominal infection;

4. Bronchiectasis, cystic pulmonary fibrosis with a lot of expectoration;

5. Elderly and infirm, lying in bed for a long time;

6. Patients who have difficulty in deep breathing and coughing due to pain after surgery;

7. Pneumonia, coma, myasthenia gravis, occupational pulmonary disease.

Vest type sputum expelling machine is a new generation of sputum expelling product. Patients can easily discharge sputum by wearing vest. As a new type of sputum discharging method instead of manual back buckle and hand-held sputum extractor, it completely frees the hands of nurses, and is operated automatically throughout the whole process. It does not require special posture cooperation of patients, which is more acceptable to patients, and can shorten the days of hospitalization and save costs. The product has been applied in domestic Grade III A hospitals and achieved good clinical results. In response to the actual requirements put forward by clinical experts in various departments of major hospitals, continuous research and upgrading have met the clinical requirements for different patient groups (pre operation, post operation, various obese, emaciated, critically ill patients, children, etc.).

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