Tourniquet classification and precautions

Tourniquet cuff is made of medical polymer material natural rubber or special rubber, long flat, flexible. It is suitable for one-time use in medical institutions in routine treatment and treatment of transfusion, blood drawing, blood transfusion, hemostasis; Or limb bleeding, wild snake insect bite bleeding emergency hemostasis.

Product categories

A secondary tourniquet is generally made of natural adhesive and is wide and flat. It is very inconvenient for nursing staff to use it. The packaging must be unpacked before each use. The high frequency of use will greatly reduce the work efficiency and make them reluctant to use it. The latest disposable tourniquet with lock type and continuous drawing has been put on the market, which puts multiple tourniquets into a package and connects each tourniquet with a lock to achieve the purpose of continuous drawing.

Matters needing attention

1. Tourniquets cuff block blood flow, and if left in place for too long, they can seriously damage tissue -- even causing limb death.

2. Tourniquets cuff should only be used to bind limbs, never the head, neck or trunk.

3. also do not cover with other items, do not cover the tourniquet tied on the limb. If you have to leave the patient alone in camp, write on his head, with a felt-tip pen or lipstick, the date of the binding and the location of the toolbox.

4. Check the circulation of blood. After bandage is wrapped, should often check toe or finger, see if its end has hair black purple spot, and the temperature of the place has no drop, etc. If there is such a phenomenon, the cloth should be loosened, otherwise for a long time, it will cause tissue necrosis.

5. For the same reason, tourniquets should not be used for extended periods of time, except as a last resort during arterial ligation. For hemostasis in general, direct pressure, followed by the pressure position method, should be tried until direct pressure is maintained at the wound. If the wound is at the end of the limb, elevate the wound.

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