The main purpose of catheter balloon

The main purpose of catheter balloon after endotracheal intubation is to fix and prevent air leakage. In addition, the nursing focus is to pay attention to the timing of balloon filling, avoid oral feeding, keep the trachea unobstructed and so on. Endotracheal intubation is a special endotracheal catheter, through the patient's mouth or nasal cavity, through the glottis into the patient's trachea or bronchus, to provide conditions for airway patentability, oxygen supply and respiratory tract attraction, is an important measure to rescue patients with respiratory dysfunction.

I. Purpose of air bag:

1. Fixation: After endotracheal intubation, the patient should immediately use an empty needle to inject air into the air bag. After the air bag expands, it can be stuck in the airway and play the role of fixing the trachea to prevent the trachea from prolapse;

2. Prevent air leakage: if the patient applies a ventilator and other devices, the air bag is stuck in the airway at this time, and the air pushed by the ventilator or oxygen can be avoided from leaking out of the gap between the airway and the trachea.

II. nursing:

1. Timing air bag filling: usually after endotracheal intubation, the air bag is deflated for 5-10 minutes/time, and the gas in the air bag should be deflated once every 4-6 hours, with a volume of 2-5ml. In addition, excessive inflation should be avoided, so as not to compress the airway wall, resulting in limited blood supply of local tracheal mucosa, and to avoid necrosis caused by mucosal ischemia and hypoxia. If the air bag is insufficient, air leakage may occur;

2. Avoid oral feeding: If patients undergo endotracheal intubation, oral feeding should be avoided as far as possible to avoid food residue indwelling on the trachea, resulting in bacterial reproduction and pulmonary infection;

3. Keep the trachea unobpatency: if the patient's sputum is thick and thick, it is necessary to turn over and pat the back in time. Normal saline or sodium bicarbonate can also be added to the patient's tracheal intubation to dilute the sputum, or sputum can be diluted by atomization, so as to avoid the tracheal intubation blocked by sputum and keep the patient's trachea unobpatency. In addition, dental pads should be used to avoid occlusal closure of the trachea, affecting the patency of the trachea;

4. Regular examination: The position of endotracheal intubation should be checked regularly for movement, torsion and other phenomena. Tape is usually used for secondary fixation to avoid luminal prolapse.

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