The advantages of portable air pressure low temperature recovery regeneration cold chamber

This product integrates modern sports recovery technology and realizes scientific and efficient sports recovery through scientific compression and cold compress. It can:

·Promote vasoconstriction, slow down metabolism and reduce unnecessary cell death;

·Reduce the conduction rate of sensory nerve and effectively relieve pain;

·Flatten muscle and tendon nodules and accelerate muscle recovery;

·Relax muscles and accelerate lactic acid decomposition;

·Promote the release of local endothelium-derived relaxation factor and accelerate the reabsorption of tissue fluid;

·Stimulate lymphatic flow and accelerate waste metabolism of the body.

It has the following special advantages:

·Intelligent AI interconnection: remote on-line, data collection, intelligent generation and recovery scheme, through the collaboration of big data platform, to help the construction of scientific training recovery support management system.

·Circulating cooling: the built-in unit can circulate cooling, continuously absorb heat, and eliminate muscle fatigue and pain.

·Sports fashion: International Masters devote themselves to design, combine sports and fashion, and create a new concept of sports.

·Active compression: autonomously simulate human muscle contraction, eliminate edema, and accelerate the stimulation of oxygen-containing blood movement.

·Circular coverage: according to the ergonomic design, optimize the contact area, carry the shape, and adhere to the skin.

·Anytime and anywhere: lightweight design, easy to carry, free from time and place restrictions, and easy to use. The special lithium battery module ensures that it can be used under various conditions.

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