Popularization of medical knowledge – cold compress

What is cold compress mainly used for?

Cold compress can reduce the temperature of local tissues. For trauma patients, the low temperature caused by cold compress can constrict local blood vessels, reduce bleeding and reduce the pressure of hematoma on surrounding tissues, so as to achieve the effect of detumescence and pain relief.

For patients with high fever, cold compress on the forehead, limbs and armpit can lower the temperature and improve discomfort.

Cold compress belongs to physical cooling, compared with drugs (such as paracetamol). It is simple and practical to operate, convenient to obtain materials, good in clinical effect, and has no serious adverse reactions. It is the preferred therapeutic operation for moderate fever and pain in clinical practice.

Wheat swelling hot compress or cold compress?

During the acute inflammation period (within 72 hours), cold compress is better than hot compress for more than 72 hours.

The difference between hot compress and cold compress is that hot compress can promote the expansion of capillaries and promote local blood circulation, while cold compress can shrink capillaries and reduce local inflammation and edema relatively. Wheat granuloma is caused by bacterial infection. In addition to the use of drugs, cold compress and hot compress should also be used, because cold compress reduces exudation in the acute stage, Inhibit eye discomfort caused by local tissue swelling;

After the inflammation period (72 hours later), hot compress can promote local blood circulation, so that more white blood cells can act on the swollen part of the eye, thus promoting the absorption of inflammation, promoting tissue healing and recovery.

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