Pay attention to the stage of symptom treatment

The early treatment of DVT mainly focuses on the elimination of symptoms in the limbs, and the methods are complicated, mainly including bed rest and treatment with traditional Chinese and Western medicine, to reduce the swelling of the limbs and reduce the risk of thrombus shedding, and wet compress the swollen limbs with magnesium sulfate. Drugs include horse chestnut seed extract, rhinoceros oleracea liquid extract, Aesculus seed extract, etc., which can improve venous function and promote reflux to reduce limb swelling. Deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs in traditional Chinese medicine belongs to the category of "swelling of the thigh". Syndrome differentiation and treatment according to different symptoms of patients are the fundamental measures of traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Each family has different types. Since blood stasis is the main manifestation of deep venous thrombosis of the lower limbs, many Chinese medicine scholars have adopted the method of promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis and unblocking collaterals as the main treatment. Chen Zisheng treated 130 DVT patients with self-made thrombolytic Decoction (Angelica, Salvia miltiorrhiza, earthworm, water frog, etc.). None of the central type and mixed type patients had complete thrombolysis and recanalization, and the partial thrombolysis and recanalization rate was 47.37%, but most of them had thick collateral veins around the blocked veins, and the partial recanalization rate of the peripheral type was 88.57%. He believed that traditional Chinese medicine, which can promote blood circulation, remove blood stasis, clear heat and diuresis, has the functions of anticoagulation, fibrinolysis Improve blood hypercoagulability and promote the establishment of collateral circulation. Other treatment methods include intravenous drip of compound salvia miltiorrhiza injection, wearing elastic socks or bandaging the affected limb. The degree of detumescence becomes the best standard for judging the curative effect. The establishment of collateral circulation directly affects the prognosis of patients. Those with poor luck may have femoral bruises and even limb necrosis. Even surgery can hardly have a good prognosis. Some experts suggest that acute DVT does not need to be treated in bed. Indeed, as long as the affected limb is raised in bed and the collateral circulation is established, the swelling of the limb can be immediately reduced, but we can not help but see the uncertainty of the patient's prognosis.

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