New product——inflatable swimming pool

This week, our company launched a new product, inflatable swimming pool. I will introduce the inflation methods of inflatable swimming pool.

Inflating tools and methods:

1. Electric pump

The electric pump is driven by electric energy and has high inflation efficiency. It is suitable for medium and large-scale inflatable products. The ordinary inflatable swimming pool takes only 3-5 minutes.

Usage: the electric pump generally has three specifications of air nozzles, which are applicable to large, medium and small inflatable products respectively. According to the inflation port of the pool body, select the corresponding air nozzle to cover the air inlet for inflation. If the electric pump is heated, it is recommended to stop inflation and wait for the electric pump to cool before inflation. In addition, the electric pump can also be used for air extraction and deflation of inflatable products.

2. Foot pump

The foot pump is manually driven, with general inflation efficiency, suitable for small and medium-sized inflatable products. It takes more than 30 minutes for ordinary inflatable swimming pools to use the foot pump.

Usage: when using the foot pump to inflate, do not use excessive force, but use even force. The air nozzle will pop up during the inflation process, and it needs to be reinserted.

3. Hand pump

The hand pump is manually driven, with slow inflation efficiency and low price, which is suitable for small inflatable products. Not recommended for inflatable swimming pools.

The above three inflation methods are simple and easy to operate. It is recommended to use an electric pump to inflate the inflatable swimming pool. The overall inflation time is only 3-5 minutes, saving time and effort. After use, it can also be used for the air extraction of the inflatable swimming pool, which is convenient for the storage of the swimming pool. It takes 30-45 minutes to step on the pump. It is recommended that users who want to exercise through inflation consider the option. Hand pump is time-consuming and laborious, so it is not recommended to use.


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