Necessity of recovery after exercise

·Problems such as failure to recover quickly after training, fatigue injury and injury caused by excessive exercise may become the biggest stumbling block on the way of improving athletes' performance, and may even lead to the early termination of sports life.

·How to solve these "by-products" brought by large-scale training is also a problem that all professional sports practitioners need to face and solve every day.

·The prevention and treatment of athletes' injuries has always been an important topic in the research of competitive sports.

·With the development of modern sports medicine, the principle of price (protection, rest, ice compress, pressure bandage and elevation) has been widely used in the first aid and prevention of sports injury.

The training of large amount of exercise changes the internal environment of people, and also brings a lot of injuries.

·The damage and death of cells, the rupture of capillaries, and the acceleration of metabolism lead to the accumulation of a large number of blood, leukocytes, tissue cell fragments and tissue fluid at the damaged site;

·Local hypoxia produces a large amount of lactic acid;

·Changes in hormones and nerve regulation lead to muscle spasm and metabolic imbalance.

·Athletes feel swelling, stiffness, pain and delayed muscle pain.

·The accumulation of these injuries will also greatly increase the probability of sports injuries.

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