medical cold compress air pressure ice bag, double functions, double effects

Why do we need ice?

Effect of ice treatment on sports injury

(1) Effect on blood circulation of peripheral blood vessels

Ice treatment can change vascular permeability, reduce edema and exudation, and has good effect on the regression of inflammatory edema, traumatic edema and hematoma in acute stage.

(2) Effect on muscle

1. Exciting effect: short-term cold stimulation can excite muscle tissue and promote skeletal muscle contraction.

2. Inhibitory effect: Long term cold stimulation can inhibit motor neuron activity, prolong the contraction, relaxation and latency of skeletal muscle, reduce muscle tension, and relieve muscle spasm.

(3) Effect on skin and tissue metabolism

Local cold stimulation can reduce the temperature of skin, muscle, joint and other tissues, reduce the tissue metabolic rate, oxygen consumption, inflammatory mediator activity and metabolic acidosis.

(4) Effect on inflammation

Cold treatment can promote local tissue vasoconstriction, reduce tissue metabolism, inhibit inflammatory exudation and bleeding of blood vessels, and relieve pain.

There is also a common treatment method for sports injuries - pressure treatment!

Pressure therapy, also known as pressure therapy, refers to the method of applying appropriate pressure on the human body surface to achieve a certain therapeutic purpose. Pressure therapy is one of the most important and basic treatments for lymphedema.

(1) The role of stress therapy

1. Reduce effective ultrafiltration pressure and lymphatic load.

2. Increase the flow rate of veins and lymphatic vessels.

3. Consolidate the therapeutic effect of manual lymphatic drainage.

4. Reduce fibrosis, soften tissues, and reduce swelling volume.

5. Provide necessary support for the muscle pump and improve the muscle efficiency to promote reflux.

(2) Precautions for stress treatment

Whether it is bandage dressing or wearing pressure tights (sleeves), pay attention to the appropriate pressure. The pressure is too small to achieve therapeutic effect. If the pressure is too high, the nerves and blood vessels will be compressed, causing tissue ischemia or nerve necrosis.

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