Principle of high-frequency oscillating chest wall expectorator

The inflatable chest band and the air pulse host are connected by tubes that rapidly inflate and deflate, squeezing and relaxing the chest wall. The vest vibrates the whole chest cavity, loosens the sputum, changes the chest volume, and forms passive micro air flow. There is a strong and fast reciprocating airflow at the mouth and nose of the patient, which plays a scour role in the airway, forming a shear force on the sputum adhered to the airway and promoting the sputum to detach from the airway wall. It is very effective for patients with long-term bed-rest reduced lung capacity and alveolar insufficiency in the lower part of the lung and prevention of pendulous pneumonia. It can loosen sputum through vibration to facilitate the coughing up of sputum.

However, the sputum vest can not be worn in every situation,
Warm reminder, patients need to pay attention to the following matters when carrying out mechanical sputum extraction treatment:

(1) In order to prevent reflux in patients, the operation of nasal feeding was stopped 1 h before mechanical sputum drainage, and atomized inhalation was performed 15-20 minutes before sputum drainage. Treatment should be carried out 1-2 hours before or 2 hours after meals, 20 minutes of atomization treatment should be carried out before treatment, and 5-10 minutes after treatment, patients should be assisted to pat the back and cough up sputum.

(2) The amplitude is generally 15-30 Hz, and each sputum discharge time is 10-15 min.

(3) In the operation of sputum removal, closely observe the patient’s vital signs, timely adjust the patient’s treatment parameters, avoid skin friction caused by damage, etc.

There are many high risk factors for pulmonary infection in patients after craniotomy in neurosurgery, which requires multi-link control by medical and nursing teams in order to effectively reduce postoperative pulmonary infection and implement targeted monitoring and intervention.

Clinically, the prevention of pulmonary complications is also one of the core contents of the current concept of surgical rapid rehabilitation. It is particularly important to assist patients in the prevention and treatment of pulmonary infection to discharge sputum. Mechanical sputum discharge is one of the basic contents of airway nursing, which has positive significance for the treatment and prognosis of patients with long-term bedridden pneumonia.

When using the sputum vest, you need to link the sputum equipment!

Post time: May-18-2022