How to recover effectively after heavy exercise training?

How to recover effectively after heavy exercise training?

1. walk slowly

After long-distance training, don’t stop immediately, but walk slowly for 5-10 minutes. Walking slowly can help the heart rate drop to a calm level, promote blood circulation in the legs to help the muscles excrete lactic acid, and avoid gravity shock caused by sudden rest.

2. supplement nutrition and sleep

After the training, you need to replenish water and sugar as soon as possible. But don’t eat too much at a time, and use the way of eating less and eating more meals to supplement energy.

Sleep is the most effective way to restore physical fitness. Good sleep quality can accelerate the body’s self-healing.

3. pressurized ice compress

Pressurized ice compress has become a routine means of recovery for marathon athletes after training.

Ice compress can promote vasoconstriction, slow metabolism and reduce unnecessary cell death; flatten myofascial nodules, reduce muscle spasm, and accelerate muscle recovery; relax muscles and accelerate lactic acid decomposition; reduce the conduction rate of sensory nerve and effectively relive pain; promote the release of local endothelium-derived relaxing factors and accelerate the reabsorption of tissue fluid; stimulate lymphatic flow and accelerate body waste.

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