Drainage and repair methods of inflatable swimming pool

Last week, our company launched a new product, inflatable swimming pool. Today, I will introduce drainage and repair methods of inflatable swimming pool.

1. drainage method

①Bottom drainage: open the bottom drainage outlet. This method is suitable for open-air outdoor sites, or connect an external pipe to drain water from the bottom drainage hose.

②Side drainage: use the external drainage pipe and open the side drainage outlet for drainage. This method is suitable for indoor or places where the drainage place needs to be defined.

PS: the swimming pool with double drainage design can use two drainage outlets at the same time for drainage, which is more convenient and fast.

2. repair method

① Drain the remaining water in the pool, open the air valve to discharge the gas in the edge air chamber, so as to facilitate the cleaning of the pool body behind.

②Cut a patch. It is better to be 3 times the size of the damaged area, and it is recommended to trim it into a circle.

③ Do primer treatment. Clean the repair area and patch, apply special glue evenly, and dry it with a hair dryer or natural air until it doesn't stick to your hands.

④ Make glue replenishment. Again, apply glue to the area where the glue was just applied, and do the same treatment until it is not sticky.

⑤ Align the patch with the repair area, slowly fit the patch and flatten it. It should be noted that bubbles should be avoided when pasting, otherwise the pasting will be unstable.

⑥ Finally, put the pool body on the flat ground and press it with heavy objects for 24 hours.

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