Expectoration Vest——a powerful assistant to reduce the chance of lung infection

The expectoration vest(repiratory oscillatory expectoration system)is used in the treatment of lung care in various departments such as clinical respiratory medicine, emergency medicine, neurology, cardiothoracic surgery, pediatrics, oncology, and geriatrics.

How does this expectoration vest work?

Expectoration vest is based on the principle of simulating normal physiological cough. By connecting the vest worn by the patient to the high-speed pulse pump through the pipeline, and quickly inflating and deflating, the patient’s chest wall will have regular diastolic movement, and the patient’s airway and lungs will have autonomous trembling airflow and directional drainage force, which will promote the relaxation, liquefaction and falling off of airway mucus and deep metabolites in each lung lobe.

Why is automatic expectoration vest the right assistant to reduce the chance of lung infection?

Because it can not only improve sputum deposition, but also improve the blood circulation of the lungs, prevent venous stasis, enhance the strength and effectiveness of respiratory muscles, produce cough reflex, improve the level of oxygen, effectively reduce bacterial infection, ensure the smoothness of the respiratory tract, and prevent the occurrence of pneumonia, atelectasis and other complications.

 Adaptive symptoms

·Excessive and viscous sputum in the airway

·Establish artificial airway and need mechanical ventilation

·Acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, atelectasis, abdominal infection

·Bronchiectasis, cystic pulmonary fibrosis with massive expectoration

·Elderly and infirm, long-term bedridden

·Patients with deep breathing and cough caused by pain after surgery

·Pediatric pneumonia, coma, myasthenia gravies, occupational lung disease






Post time: Jul-22-2022