Rapid sports recovery station has become a new highlight

Mass sports and national fitness undertakings are in full swing, and the enthusiasm of the whole people to participate in sports is high. However, the concept, means and equipment of national fitness in scientific sports are still relatively lacking. Ordinary sports enthusiasts are difficult to enjoy professional sports recovery protection, which not only greatly reduces the effect of exercise, sports injuries occur at any time, and even sports life may end in advance.

For athletes, pressurized ice compress is a routine means for professional athletes to recover from fatigue and prevent injuries after sports, but it is extremely difficult for ordinary sports lovers to enjoy the same treatment.

The preparation and storage of ice, the temperature and time of ice deposition, and the location and strength of ice package are difficult to operate. And the most important point: it is best to apply ice within 30~60 minutes after exercise. Sports lovers often do not have such conditions.

The rapid exercise recovery station perfectly solves these problems of athletes.

The exercise recovery station is set next to the athlete. After exercise, it can be quickly restored by pressurized ice compress directly at the edge of the field. The quick recovery station adopts the method of self-sesrvice code scanning by users, and you can enjoy professional pressurized ice compress service after exercise at the price of a cup of coffee. There is no tedious operation. The pressure and temperature of the ice pack are controlled by intelligeng programs, and users can also adjust them according to their preferences.




Post time: Jul-18-2022