Contraindications of air bags of therapeutic apparatus

There is no absolute contraindication. The relative contraindications are as follows:

1. Old and accompanied by severe cardiac insufficiency or cardiovascular disease.

2. Complicated with shock, which has not been completely corrected.

3. In a state of systemic failure.

4. Severe hypoxia has not been corrected.

Operation specification for mild hypothermia therapeutic apparatus

Preparation before operation

1. The air flow in the environment preparation room is smooth; Equipped with power supply, voltage regulator and reliable ground wire; The distance between the back vent and the object must be greater than 20cm.

2. Prepare mild hypothermia therapeutic apparatus, power cord, ground wire, temperature sensor, pipeline, bed sheet, distilled water, hibernating mixture, muscle relaxant, tracheotomy materials, etc.

3. Patient preparation

⑴ Explain to patients or family members before use.

⑵ Assess the condition.

(3) Hibernating mixture: Before mild hypothermia treatment, use chlorpromazine, promethazine and dolantine for 100 ㎎, and add 0.9% N.S. to dilute to 50ml. Use a micro injection pump and inject it intravenously. After the patient gradually enters the hibernation state, mild hypothermia treatment can be carried out.

⑷ Hibernating mixture is not required for head physical cooling only.

4. The instrument shall be ready to connect pipes, blankets and sensors.

matters needing attention

1. The patient should not be moved or turned violently during mild hypothermia treatment to avoid orthostatic hypotension.

2. Strengthen the management of respiratory tract and strictly implement various aseptic operations to prevent infection.

3. Ensure the indoor air circulation and keep the bed unit dry and clean.

4. Keep the soft water pipe of the mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument smooth and avoid folding or bending.

5. The ice blanket shall be spread from the shoulder to the hip of the patient, and shall not touch the neck to avoid bradycardia caused by sympathetic nerve excitement.

6. The blanket is not paved with any thermal insulation materials to avoid the effect. A single layer of sheets with strong water absorption can be used to absorb the water generated due to the temperature difference.

7. The ice blanket shall be laid flat and flat, and shall not be folded to avoid blocking the circulation.

8. Once the sheets are wet, they should be replaced in time to avoid discomfort to the patient.

9. Wipe off the condensed water around the ice blanket in time to avoid affecting the normal operation of the machine and preventing electric leakage.

10. During the use of the cooling blanket, observe the placement of the probe, and correct it in time if it falls off or is in an improper position.

11. The casing of the mild hypothermia therapeutic instrument should be grounded to protect the safety of patients and medical staff.

12. Check the alarm before use.

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