Air bags of therapeutic apparatus with airwave pressure and cycle

1 For upper and lower limb edema:

Primary and secondary lymphedema of upper and lower limbs, chronic venous edema, lipoedema, mixed edema, etc. Especially for upper limb lymphedema after breast surgery, the effect is significant. The treatment principle is to promote blood circulation and lymph circulation, squeeze some metabolites and inflammatory pain causing substances that cause pain and discomfort into the main circulation to eliminate edema.

2 For patients with hemiplegia, paraplegia and paralysis:

The patients with hemiplegia, paraplegia, paralysis and long-term bed rest are prone to lower limb deep vein thrombosis due to slow blood flow and muscle contraction. Paralysis and spinal cord injury are the highest risk factors for deep vein thrombosis, with a 50-100% probability of formation. Improper prevention and treatment may lead to life-threatening pulmonary embolism, or lower limb swelling, ulcers, and skin pigmentation. The use of air wave pressure therapeutic apparatus repeatedly pressurizes the limbs and then depressurizes them, so as to produce the contraction and relaxation of muscles, promote the circulation of venous blood and lymph, and achieve full massage effect. It is of great significance to prevent deep vein thrombosis and prevent lower limb muscle atrophy.

3 For diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis:

The air wave pressure therapeutic instrument is applied to the diseased limb in sequence. In the process of accelerating the return of venous blood and lymphatic tissue fluid, lymph and venous blood can be rapidly driven to the proximal end of the limb, reducing the pressure in the limb tissue. Within the time of gas evacuation, arterial blood supply is rapidly enhanced, so as to rapidly improve the blood and oxygen supply of the limb tissue, and eliminate metabolites and inflammatory pain causing substances, It is more conducive to the rehabilitation of patients with lower limb arterial ischemia (diabetic foot, diabetic peripheral neuritis, intermittent claudication).

For patients with diabetic foot, because the use of pressure pump increases the nerve blood perfusion and oxygen cooperation, and increases the oxygen consumption of the nerve, so as to improve the function, the numbness of the limbs is significantly reduced, and the skin sensation is also more sensitive than before treatment. Usually, after 4 or 5 times of anesthesia, the pain is obviously relieved or disappeared.

5. Poor blood circulation of limbs:

The air wave pressure therapeutic instrument uses intermittent pressure. Through the repeated expansion and contraction of air waves, it can improve blood circulation, increase skin surface temperature, expand and activate blood vessels, help to prevent thrombosis and improve circulation, remove metabolic waste in blood, strengthen limb oxygenation, and help solve the disease caused by blood circulation disorders.

6. For venous insufficiency:

In case of poor venous return, such as varicose veins and venous ulcers, this air wave pressure therapeutic device is equivalent to a venous return pump. With gradient pressure, the pressure at the far end is high and the pressure at the near end is low, which will squeeze lymphedema and some painful and uncomfortable metabolic substances into the main circulation.

7 For the elderly:

It can promote blood circulation, relieve muscle fatigue, relieve pain, and recover the paralyzed and uncomfortable limbs. Through the repeated expansion and contraction of the air wave of the pressure gauge, it can obviously improve blood circulation, increase the surface temperature of human skin, achieve the effect of expansion and activation of blood vessels, and help solve the root cause of diseases caused by blood circulation disorders.

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