The five effects of cold therapy and cold compress(2)

Increase lymphatic drainage

● Cold compress and cold treatment are very important for the recovery of normal lymph flow in the whole healing process from acute stage to repair stage.

● The design of the ice constant pulse compression cryotherapy instrument combines the advantages of intermittent compression and cold compress treatment to achieve positive lymphatic function. The use of the air pressure ice bag to provide intermittent pneumatic compression (IPC) and cold therapy knee wrapping can help you get out of bed for a long time more quickly.

Stimulate tissue healing

● Cold compress and cold treatment are very important for the recovery of normal lymph flow after surgery, which is important for the whole healing process from the acute stage to the repair stage.

● With the intermittent compression technology of cold pack ice bag, the knee can get better blood flow and lower venous pressure, and the tissue can be repaired faster.

Reduce the use of painkillers

● Normally, doctors will use painkillers to help deal with postoperative pain. Analgesics can not be used for some patients due to other reasons.

● Surgeons have found that when their patients use a system that combines cryotherapy with intermittent compression, they can stop using all pain medications more quickly.


Company profile

The company has its own factory and design team, and has been engaged in the production and sales of medical products for a long time. We now have the following product lines.

Medical air pressure massager (lymphedema garments for legs、compression sleeves for lymphedema、air compression therapy system etc)and DVT series.

Chest physical therapy vest

③Tactical pneumatic tourniquet

Cold therapy machine(cold therapy blanket、cold therapy vest、ice pack leg sleeve、warm pack for painetc)

⑤Others like TPU civil products(heart shaped inflatable poolanti pressure sore mattressice therapy machine for legs ect)

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