Prevention and nursing of DVT(2)

Basic intervention measures of DVT

5. DVT physical prevention

At present, air pressure wave therapy is the most commonly used physical preventive measure, which not only has obvious effect, but also has a high degree of patient cooperation and low cost. (used without thrombosis). Lift the affected limb 20-30 ° and massage the limb.

Note: try not to infuse the lower limbs. Do not infuse the hemiplegic limbs. Once the thrombus is formed, do not massage the limbs.

6. DVT drug prevention

Prophylactic drug treatment should be given to patients at risk of formation.

Commonly used drugs: low molecular weight heparin sodium (calcium), enoxaparin sodium for injection, warfarin, rivaroxaban, etc.

Note: during the use of anticoagulants, attention should be paid to closely observe whether the patient has bleeding. Excessive anticoagulants can easily cause bleeding, which is one of the risk factors for rebleeding of cerebral hemorrhage. Follow the doctor's instructions to regularly check the blood picture. Closely observe the patient's consciousness pupil, vital signs and the patient's physical activity, and timely inform the doctor to deal with any abnormal situation.


1. Psychological nursing

Patients with intracerebral hemorrhage are generally in critical condition. Patients and their families are prone to anxiety, fear and irritability, which will affect the treatment due to inadequate cooperation. We must do a good job in psychological care of patients, encourage patients to strengthen confidence recovery, inform patients of the causes of deep vein thrombosis, high-risk adverse consequences, preventive measures and other precautions, and advise patients and their families to immediately inform medical personnel of any discomfort, timely understand and solve the patient's discomfort and problems, seriously answer questions and solve doubts, increase the patient's confidence, and make joint efforts with medical personnel to cooperate with each other to overcome the disease, To create a good medical experience and comfortable psychological care for patients.

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