Application and precautions of air pressure wave therapeutic instrument(2)

Applicable Department:

Rehabilitation department, orthopedics department, internal medicine department, gynecology department, rheumatology department, cardiology department, neurology department, peripheral neurovascular department, hematology department, diabetes department, ICU, occupational disease prevention and treatment hospital, Sports Bureau, family, teachers, elderly. Health care companies, rehabilitation homes, weight loss centers, nursing homes for the elderly, etc.


Severe limb infections were not effectively controlled

Recent deep venous thrombosis of lower limbs

Large area ulcerative rash

Bleeding tendency


1. It is safe, green and non-invasive, which conforms to the development direction of modern medicine.

2. Treatment comfort.

3. The treatment cost is low.

4. The operation of treatment equipment is becoming more and more simple, which can be used for both medical and household use, and the effect is guaranteed.

5. It has multiple effects on some diseases.

6. The treatment of diseases is more and more extensive.

Treatment precautions:

1. Before treatment, check whether the equipment is in good condition and whether the patient has bleeding.

2. Check the affected limb before each treatment. If there are ulcers or pressure ulcers that have not yet scabbed, isolate and protect them before treatment. If there are bleeding wounds, postpone treatment.

3. The treatment should be done while the patient is awake and the patient should have no sensory disturbance.

4. During the treatment, pay attention to observe the skin color change of the affected limb, ask the patient's feeling, and adjust the treatment dose in time according to the situation.

5. Explain the effect of treatment to patients, remove their concerns, and encourage patients to actively participate in and cooperate with treatment.

6. For elderly patients with poor vascular elasticity, the pressure value starts from a small age and gradually increases until it is tolerated.

7. If the patient's limbs / parts are exposed, please pay attention to wearing disposable cotton isolation clothing or sheath to prevent cross infection.

8. It is recommended that therapists who use positive pressure sequential therapy for the first time try the instrument in person, so that there is a regular dose to follow when treating patients with sensory disorders.

9. Make more rounds of patients during treatment and deal with abnormalities in time.

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