Application and precautions of air pressure wave therapeutic instrument(1)

Air pressure wave therapeutic apparatus

The air wave pressure therapeutic instrument is mainly applied to vascular diseases, which can generate a certain pressure, and this pressure is segmented, which promotes the flow of blood in this way. This kind of instrument is generally used for people with more blood vessels in the lower limbs. If they have lower limb vascular diseases, especially the elderly, they may have varicose veins and other problems. A large amount of blood accumulates in the blood vessels of the lower limbs, and the dilation of blood vessels causes the relative closure of venous valves, which can not promote the timely return of blood, and can cause obvious uncomfortable symptoms, such as local pain, swelling, inconvenience in activities, and even aggravation after activities, which significantly affects life. The pressure can be applied in sections by the therapeutic instrument, which can promote the blood reflux in sections and play a certain role in promoting.


Principle of air pressure wave therapeutic instrument

1. The air wave pressure therapeutic instrument mainly forms the circulation pressure of the limbs and tissues by sequentially and repeatedly inflating and deflating the multi cavity air bag, evenly and orderly squeezing the distal end of the limbs to the proximal end of the limbs, promoting the flow of blood and lymph and improving the microcirculation, accelerating the return of the tissue fluid of the limbs, helping to prevent the formation of thrombus and edema of the limbs, It can directly or indirectly treat many diseases related to blood and lymphatic circulation.

2. Through passive and even massage, with the acceleration of blood circulation. It can accelerate the absorption of metabolic wastes, inflammatory factors and pain causing factors in the blood. It can prevent muscle atrophy, prevent muscle fibrosis, strengthen the oxygen content of limbs, and help to solve diseases caused by blood circulation disorders (such as ring death of the femoral head).

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